DUAVIZ is a result of a decade of experiences in the field of creating influential visual content. From television and video production, photography, animation and finally 3D visualization. Architectural and product visualization/animation is currently the main focus, but there is always room for visualizing any type of ideas. 

The man behind this project is, well ... me! My name is Miha Janez. I am Slovenian freelance 3D artist, currently living in Germany, with an eye for art, an ear for music and a heart for being a human. In my career I have always been driven to produce high-end products which takes time and effort, but I still know balance is important. Therefore I know how to take time off, do sports, enjoy life and good coffee.

Here are some of my online features:

VWArtclub | 5SRW | 5SRW | 5SRW | CGvray | VWArtclub TOP10 of the week | CGArtistLab

And some of the clients I had the chance to work with: